Router Policy

So here's the deal...

Using a router can actually create interference with your internet connection and the connections of those around you. Because many of the connection issues we deal with every day tend to be related to what we call "rogue routers", our perspective is that it's in everybody's best interest not to allow personal routers on the network and we've made that our policy.

Instead, please connect your computer directly to the wall jack in your room using an Ethernet cable or (if your school offers wifi), connect using your wireless access card. (For more on wifi-related issues, see here.)

If you are currently using a router, wireless router, wireless access point, or any similar device, please disconnect it from the network. When these are found, the user will be held responsible for any network issues caused by the them and repeated offenders will end up having their service terminated.

We don't want to take such a hard line, but it is a big deal and it can cause a lot of problems. For that reason, we ask that you please understand the impact of interfering with the network connections in your residence and take the risk of using a router seriously.